So Long, 30 Rock

Last night the final episode of 30 Rock hit the airwaves, and there have been a number of appreciative goodbyes. I have two favourites: This incredible Wesley Morris piece on the way that the 22 minute comedy managed to navigate the minefields of race and race politics with wit, grace, and bite for the past seven years; and this new commemorative flavour of frozen yogurt from Ben and Jerry’s. High and low, Jack and Kenneth, forever and ever, amiright?

A poisoned vagina? What an intriguing yet stupid murder weapon headline.

Michael Chabon on Wes Anderson is tender and sweet; his tone pairs well with his subject, and even if you couldn’t stomach anything after The Royal Tenenbaums (we’d be keeping each other company), there is something to be treasured in the way Chabon evokes an ekphrastic warmth here. More importantly, more precisely: “Everyone, sooner or later, gets a thorough schooling in brokenness.” And just maybe our relationships to great films and fine writing, to art and artifice, can give us the impression of being, at least for a little while, on the mend.