Means of Writerly Transportation, Rap Lit, and Greater Journalistic Riches

Geoff Dyer, on a boat. Specifically, on the Thames and on that bright beacon of dark modernism, Heart of Darkness. Gary Shteyngart, on a plane. Specifically, on the hellish and dehumanizing ordeal of flying American Airlines over the Atlantic.

Tin House's Art of the Sentence takes a page from one of Hazlitt regular contributor’s Sarah Nicole Prickett's favourite books, Rebecca. Here's Sarah in the Globe championing history's sad wordy birds over literary bros.

n+1 weighs in on the literary rap game.

“But why should we worry that certain fields of endeavor are seemingly reserved for the wealthy and their offspring? After all, we accept this reality in politics and high finance,” J. Maureen Henderson muses in Forbes, in response to Alexandra Kimball's essay on the resources required to get a job in journalism. My two cents: Because, (1) we need a multiplicity of representation in our media, including reporters with working class backgrounds, as a measure against bias in how the world is written, and (2) do we really just “accept this reality in politics and high finance”?

Photo by jbself20