Art, Advice and Lies

Exciting news! Coach House Books is launching a series of short nonfiction books under the title Exploded Views. And, even better, Jason McBride will edit it.

This interview with Lena Dunham and Miranda July is a little bit on the long side, but if you skip the very first bit it's totally worth it; once they stop talking about Dunham's acupuncturist, they start to talk about the conditions that enabled each of them to get to work, to make some art.

In that vein, Rachel Hurn has an excellent interview with the incomparably thoughtful Leanne Shapton over in the LARB. Shapton advises artists and athletes both to consider the truest source of inspiration, which “ actually comes by waiting and trying and reading, searching, and really paying attention to who you are. Going pretty deep and being really patient with yourself and with time.” If you just can't get enough of the swimmer-cum-artist-cum-memoirist's elegant and generous take on creative endevours, you might also enjoy this Hazlitt interview I did with her last fall.

Paging Britt Harvey, our resident advice column afficianado: “Dear Prudie remembers Dear Abby.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on how to be a good memoirist: “Don’t fucking lie. Seriously, don’t fucking lie.”

Image: Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine