The Arcade

The Arcade is the flagship culture podcast from the award-winning Hazlitt Magazine.

Each week, host Anshuman Iddamsetty interviews outstanding writers, thinkers, and malcontents. Covering everything from high art to low-end theories, from Glenn Greenwald talking about NSA surveillance to Margaret Atwood’s thoughts on The Singularity, The Arcade has been hailed by listeners for its “careful and measured thought,” as a “FEAT OF PRODUCTION,” and for being Canada’s best podcast—”probably,” anyway. New episodes every Wednesday.


Cause & Effect
Episode 29
Perpetual Dissatisfaction
Episode 28
Are You Alright? Are We Alright?
Episode 27
Featuring Sean Michaels
Episode 26
1.7 Million
Episode 25
Flaming Centaur Package
Episode 24
The Frontier
Episode 23
A Gentle Scraping
Episode 22
Fashion is Worn
Episode 21
The Pups of Wall Street
Episode 20
Better Living Through Gossip
Episode 19