50 Things That Are Not the Same as Smoking Crack

50. Going to meetings

49. World-class cities

48. Getting down to business

47. Ribs that just fall off the bone

46. Shootin’ hoops

45. That one sauce, what do you call it, starts with an “s”

44. Betting it all on black

43. Burning the midnight oil

42. Calcium

41. Cool memes

40. A tattoo of a sexy devil lady

39. “Apple vs. Samsung”

38. Rhymes

37. Just kicking back and putting your feet up after a long day

36. A real happy dog

35. Georges St-Pierre, live on Pay Per View

34. Tossing around the ol’ pigskin, what do you say

33. Websites

32. “Have you heard this new Daft Punk song?”

31. Waiting in line

30. One of the eggs always being broken

29. Good old-fashioned American ingenuity

28. Not realizing that was the season finale

27. Borders

26. Setting up the AC before it gets too hot out there

25. Sitting by the creek

24. Jumping to conclusions

23. Donald Sutherland

22. Road trips

21. Interior design

20. Mispronunciations

19. Posing

18. Saying what we’re all thinking

17. Game of Thrones spoilers

16. Being such a Miranda

15. Payin’ the tax-man

14. Riding around with the top down

13. Big savings

12. Smooth moves

11. “Ha, they’re bringing back 24 for 12 episodes? What, are they gonna call it, 12?”

10. Gleeking

9. Stunting

8. Representing

7. Sweating

6. Taking that dang tie off when you get home

5. Seersucker

4. Conspiracies

3. Garbage strikes

2. Adolf Hitler

1. Buying crack

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