Episode #12 from The Arcade

This week…

  • Hazlitt contributor David Berry disapproves of the phrase “eating pussy.” So we asked comedian Heather Gold, writer Fiona Duncan, and Maidenhead author Tamara Faith Berger what they thought. Starts 01:13
  • We meet the inventor of commercial phone sex, Jeff Goodman. Starts 12:31
  • Hazlitt Editor-in-chief Chris Frey speaks with Sarah Nicole Prickett and Berkeley Poole about their new erotica magazine, Adult. Starts 21:43
  • A special encore presentation of our interview with Gengoroh Tagame, the Japanese master of gay erotic manga. Featuring Chip Kidd and Anne Ishii. Starts 35:12

(Ed – Oh, and if you hang around long enough, you might find a little surprise from Robbie Robertson.)

Warning this episode is even more NSFW than our usual episodes!

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Show Notes:
Let’s Put An End To Eating Pussy by David Berry
The Erotic Antagonism of Gengoroh Tagame by Chris Randle
Adult Magazine
Above image by Istoica, from Adult, issue number 1.

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Original theme music by Kirby Best