Radical Acts of Gratitude

Growing up with my lout of a father, my fear-shocked brain demanded that I remain thankful for every moment I remained safe or alive. But I rarely said thanks—until the one day I did.

Like This So I Know I’m Real

If the “like” remains the basic unit of reaction on social media—and therefore, of online life—then the most powerful force is indifference.

The Terror of the Archive

I might be, in many ways, a different person now than when I signed up for Ashley Madison more than a decade ago. And yet, I can’t escape reminders of the ways in which I may be very much the same.

What’s the Point of Handwriting?

Maybe handwriting is neither a lost art nor an anachronism; perhaps new technology will show there is some useful alchemy left in the way language, the body, and our sense of identity intertwine.

Right Now, Forever

On preserving and celebrating the present, from Meerkat to Knausgaard, one fresh crisis after another for all eternity.

Do Fanboys Dream of Electric Cars?

An innovative company, a last-century idea. Will Apple become the new Ford?

The Blank Screen Will Not Save You

The desire to refresh, recharge, and reinvent ourselves is natural, even healthy—but resolutions tied to objects and tools tend to disappoint us.

No Names, Many Histories

Anthropologist Gabriella Coleman wanted to write the definitive story of Anonymous. Her new book explains why that was an impossible goal.

For Kids, By Kids—But Not For Long

YouTube’s (mostly) teenage vloggers created a monumental mainstream youth culture free of adult supervision. Now they’re doing the unthinkable: growing up.