‘I Feel Like Everything Shouldn’t Exist’: An Interview with Hannah Black

Talking to the artist and author of Dark Pool Party about celebrities as archetypal figures, shunning posterity, and whether we finally have the correct conditions for heterosexuality.

‘The More Time I Spend on Iran, The Less I Think This Is About Religion’: An Interview with Laura Secor

The author of Children of Paradise on a decade of reporting on Iran, history as a story of ideas, and the importance of understanding the events in foreign countries on their own terms.

‘An Artist Who Can Turn Ugliness Into Beauty’: An Interview with Hany Abu-Assad

The Palestinian filmmaker on nationalism, film as resistance and hope.

‘I Don’t Know Why This City Sees Fit to Kill Its Women’: An Interview with Sam Wiebe

The author of Invisible Dead on why writing about Vancouver is liberating and the psychic cost of the truth. 

‘Worshipping This Crazy Female Energy Eruption’: An Interview with Sarah Barmak

The author of Closer: Notes from the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality on scientific ignorance, the sexualized Other, and Victorian hang ups. 

‘This is a Women’s Story’: Revitalizing the World’s Oldest Library

Moroccan architect Aziza Chaouni was determined to make ancient manuscripts accessible to the public. 

‘Serious While Being Funny and Funny While Being Serious’: An Interview with Geoff Dyer

Talking with the author of White Sands about blurring the boundaries of fiction and nonfiction, the disappointments of pilgrimage, and the possibilities of serious comedy.

‘Go Out and Fight Nature and Lose’: An Interview with Blair Braverman

The author of Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube on dog sledding, abuse, and the lure of the Arctic. 

‘The Darn Story Just Didn’t Go Away’: An Interview with Bill Genovese and James Solomon

In a new documentary about the 1964 killing of Kitty Genovese, her brother confronts the myth that 38 people turned a blind eye to her murder. 

‘Arbitrary, Binary Evaluation—That’s Tyranny’: An Interview with Athina Rachel Tsangari

The director of Chevalier on character development, masculinity, and why kissing is really kind of weird.