‘Freedom Is An Easily Abused Word’: An Interview with Sarah Bakewell

Lines of inheritance and anxiety of influence at the Existentialist Café.

‘I Have No Excuses’: An Interview with Richard Linklater

The director takes the optimism of youth—the idea that a better world is right around the corner—as seriously as his young characters deserve.

The Khal’s Speech: Talking to the Linguist from Game of Thrones

The man who developed Dothraki and Valyrian on conjuring culture with words.

‘Following the Intensity of Signals’: An Interview with Alissa York

The author of The Naturalist on boating the Amazon, the freedom to follow instincts and killing things to look at them more closely.

‘The Thing About a Revolution Is It Always Comes As a Surprise’: An Interview with Micah White

The author of The End of Protest on the pollution of the mental environment, giving up on nationalism, and finding reasons for optimism.

‘There’s Not One Story That Defines Any One Place’: An Interview with Amber Fares

The director of Speed Sisters, a documentary about female race car drivers in Palestine, on media portrayal of the Arab world, working with an all-female crew, and sports narratives.

‘Emotions Are More Important Than Monsters’: An Interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

The filmmaker behind Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives and Cemetery of Splendour on how film and dreams influence each other, Bangkok’s uniformity in American movies, and dinosaurs.

‘There’s No Mitigation for Killing a Child’: An Interview with Fiona Barton

The author of The Widow talks about how her years of crime reporting experience informed her first novel.

‘Men Out of Time’: An Interview with Bob Mehr

The author of Trouble Boys, a new book about The Replacements, on creation myths, serendipitous reporting and opening on a funeral.

‘By the Time They Banished Me, I’d Already Finished Filming’: An Interview with Mehrdad Oskouei

The Iranian documentarian on gaining trust, working with censors and the importance of independent filmmaking.