In Search of Black Atlantis

In order to find purpose and affirmation, Black artists rethink time and space as we know it to find a place for themselves.

Peer Group

You can stare at something for a decade and still not see it for what it is. Like, say, your therapist, whose charming spiritual community might be a cult.

Who Gets to be An Atheist?

Some non-believers are working to combat white male dominance within the movement and make room for everyone to explore secular community.

Best Sisters

The way we describe ability and care has changed over the centuries, but my relationship with Kiddo doesn’t need to be defined.

The Loneliest Job in Cinema: On Film’s Friendless Female Sex Workers

One doesn’t have to look hard to find disheartening and downright offensive portrayals of sex workers on screen, but the conspicuous absence of friends feels particularly cruel.

The Disappearing Act

As I’ve been continually erased by men, I’ve grown obsessed with remembering the women history forgot. 

Confessions of a Sexual Skeptic

Has sex positivity become alienating?

Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas

A week with the street preachers of Sin City.

Know Your History, Know Your Greatness

In Canadian schools, Black history is too often left off the curriculum. Small heritage sites are trying, despite the odds, to ensure the next generation hears these stories.

Which Foot Do You Kick With?

For me and everyone else, football in Belfast is coded, but this year, I felt comfortable cheering for both Irish teams. The politics of Brexit, however, has no room for between-ness.