‘Men Who Exploit Women are the Ones Who Need Comeuppance’: An Interview with Aya De León

The author of Uptown Thief on sex work myths, fetishizing cash and the new golden age of television. 

‘You Cannot Walk Out of Loss, But You Can Walk Into Beauty’: An Interview with Anna Badkhen

Talking to the author of Walking With Abel about reporting from conflict zones, the impact of grief on her reporting, and what it means to write “magical non-fiction.” 

‘Stop and See How Much Darkness There Is’: An Interview with Iain Reid

Talking with the author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things about the move from memoir to fiction, capturing the anxiety and insecurity of new relationships, and the darkness of Canadian country roads.

‘We Live with a Legacy of Great Violence and Fear’: An Interview with Christy Ann Conlin

Speaking with the author of The Memento about assault narratives, ghost stories and the healing work of fiction. 

‘Be Silent, Recover My Strength, Start Again’: In Conversation with Elena Ferrante

Speaking with the author of the Neapolitan Quartet novels and Frantumaglia about why readers have trouble with challenging portrayals of women, the supposed sin of narcissism, and smoking cigarettes.

‘The Job Had to be Done’: An Interview with Roméo Dallaire

The General and author on living with PTSD, normalizing mental illness and the Don Quixote bent to his life. 

‘It Was More Fun When We Thought We Could Win’: An Interview with Noah Richler

The author of The Candidate on pissing off the CBC, the future of the NDP and whether he’d run for election again. 

‘Female Friendship as Survival Strategy’: An Interview with Jennifer Reeder

The director of Crystal Lake on short films, the power of props, and how we cope weirder as we get older. 

Nathan Hill in Conversation with John Irving

 The authors discuss Hill’s debut work, his love of dysfunction, and why you need to think about writing a novel the way you think about keeping a garden. 

‘At First You Don’t Want Death to Mean Anything’: An Interview with Kristopher Jansma

The author of Why We Came to the City on losing someone to cancer too young, and how New York reminds everyone they’re not special.