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It took us a minute, but we’re back. Meet Lauren Mitchell, the host of your new favourite podcast: 


My name is Lauren Mitchell, and you may remember me from such things as nothing, really. I’m not famous at all. But if you do recognize my name, it might be from the other podcast I’m a part of, Trust Issues (the only and best podcast about Drake). Maybe you’ve seen me do stand-up. I’m the funny one. THIS podcast exists firstly for selfish reasons; I was sick of hearing women I respected being interviewed in the same fashion every time; “What is it like to be a woman doing x?” How boring! I want to hear women talk about themselves without feeling guilty. I want to hear women talk about the process around their art. I want to hear more about the ways we comfort and protect each other, the reasons we disagree or protect ourselves from each other. Women! We are multifaceted, real, interesting, and flawed. Welcome to our Cavern of Secrets.

Our first episode features an in-depth conversation between Lauren and  Rookie’s Tavi Gevinson, and you can listen to a small clip of it in our trailer. 

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Tavi Gevinson is the editor-in-chief and founder of Rookie, an online magazine for teenage girls. Tavi’s career in media began when she created the blog Style...
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Lauren Mitchell is a comedian who lives and works in Toronto. Please don’t speak to her like she’s that Drake from four years ago. Because she is def...


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