Dawn Chorus

Episode #1 from The Arcade

In our debut episode…

  • We speak with Adbusters editor-at-large, Micah White, about the future of activism. 
  • Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Michael Moss reveals how the food giants hooked us on junk in his new book, Salt Sugar Fat
  • Françoise Mouly, the New Yorker’s art editor, shares her thoughts about comic book art and publishing for children. 

Plus, Hazlitt Senior Editor Alexandra Molotkow on immortality.

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Hosted and produced by Anshuman Iddamsetty
Executive produced by Christopher Frey
Original theme music by Kirby Best
Podcast logo by Michael DeForge
Banner by Walter Scott

Dirty Beaches “Landscapes in the Mist”

Additional music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
“Lucid Drone”
Beat Culture “Midori”
Alright Lover “My School Isn’t There Anymore”
Yuichiro Fujimoto “The Boys”
Ben Seretan “Ben, Relax. I’m Going to Float Your Skull.”
Monster Rally “Island on Fire”
Monster Rally “Sun Bum”
Owlface “Goose Woman”
Johnny Ripper “Opening Credits”
Marcus Fisher “Up Above The Hill Sky”
J Butler, “Sundown”
alright lover, “House With Legs”


Original theme music by Kirby Best