Climbing Mount Sontag

Reading her work is the most pressing unfinished business of my career as a writer, yet I’ve avoided it for fear that witnessing its brilliance would reflect back my inferiority.

A Century of Fakers

Searching for the ease that comes with unspeakable wealth, from counterfeit markets in Bangkok to money at the bottom of a barrel.

Why Them?

The fine line between a body at war and a body at peace.

Didelphis Nuncius

“You want Enlightenment? Well, here. It’s not exactly what you thought.”

Thicker Than Water

I should know how to pinpoint emotional vampires: experts watching from armchairs would conclude that the first one I encountered was my dad.

As Women Scorned

We’re supposed to follow a certain narrative when our partners leave us. What happens when we flip the playbook?

Tickle Me Dead

A mirthful reaction masks an experience that’s much closer to facing your own mortality.

Behind the Draped Mirror

Covering mirrors while in mourning has a curious ambivalence: both ritual and superstition, a way of honoring the dead and warding them off, a vow that hides within the fear of something going wrong.

Forgive the Lateness of My Reply, I Have a Brain Tumour

At 36, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour while overworked in the unstable world of academia—sometimes when systems fail, they fail all at once.

Hail, Mary

I was excited to exist as a non-religious writer, free of the idea that my words might “save” someone. Which is why I was surprised when, recently, I realized I was acting like a religious person.