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Anger Too Big To Ignore

Before I read The View from Saturday, I saw anger as a luxury, a way to take up physical and emotional space that I didn’t think I deserved to occupy.

The Age of Anxiety: On The Catcher in the Rye

Sixty-five years after it was published, J.D. Salinger’s novel remains a definitive expression of adolescent trauma. 

Looking at Hilton Als Looking at Everything

The photos on the author and New Yorker critic’s Instagram account can seem bouncily staged, as if he’d just held up his phone and made a suggestion, or a consolation, or a dig.

Virginia Woolf’s Philosopher of Novelty

Mrs. Dalloway and the promise and problems of empathy.

Inside Scharpling & Wurster’s ‘Power Pop Pop Pop’

Why the story of a detestable “power pop dictator” may be The Best Show’s quintessential bit (or one of them, at least).