The New Chronic

Medical advances are turning once-fatal illnesses into manageable conditions, but what’s life like for patients whose existences become a liminal space between not-quite-healthy and not-quite-sick?

The Meaning of Allahu Akbar

When I hear the significance of the two words twisted by those too paralyzed with fear to understand their meaning, I think about all they encompass for my family and my friends.

The Rotten, Precious Land

Would you rather burn to death or drown? 

The Burden of Fear

The message is, overwhelmingly, that we Muslims are not welcome in the West. Yet, we are here, everywhere, invisible in big cities and small, until someone cuts us down.

Against Recommendation

The post-election social media barrage has put us in a strange spot: We don’t want to remain silent and complicit, but are we just adding to an exhausting wall of sound?

‘The Primary Emotion I Was Following Was Anger’: An Interview with Alana Massey

Talking with the author and essayist about rewriting female power narratives, telling honest sex work stories, and making peace with Gwyneth

What Makes a Border Be?

It’s been a week of protesting the right to cross borders. But these lines aren’t just geographic, they’re economic and racialized, too. 

Eating Our Goodbyes

When a marriage ends, it doesn’t always imply a deficiency. At least, not a personal one.

The First Two Days of the Next Four Years

Scenes from the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Women’s March on Washington.

‘I Wanted to Find a Way Out of Realism’: Maren Ade on Toni Erdmann

The director of the Oscar-nominated comedy on her interest in role-playing, her love for Andy Kaufman and the fate of a particularly memorable piece of costuming.