Just Enough Money to Pay For Our Eyelashes: The New San Francisco Drag

As artists are pushed out by skyrocketing rent, the city’s drag culture is threatened.

The Year in Clarity

I’d been walking around in a literal haze, but deep down I thought buying contacts might be the faint victory I’d been seeking.

The Year in Staying Unapologetically Black

 Practicing self-care by telling white people about themselves, calling in Black to life, delighting in Black art? That was Black as shit.

The Year in Plagues

The spread of plagues is the beta version of “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

The Year in Interiors

When you’re depressed, you learn all of the angles inside a half-empty apartment. You become a student of the ceiling.

The Year in Sexual Assault Trials

Will the conversations inspired by high-profile trials such as Jian Ghomeshi’s mean actual change? 

The Year in Power

I was not born powerful, but this year, I chose power for myself. 

The Year in Unsolicited Advice

I find myself staring down 2017 with a surplus of useless wisdom and nowhere to put it. 

The Year in Escape

How do you decide when to call somewhere home, and which one takes precedence if more than one place fits the bill?

Waiting for Ripley

As Arrival and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story placed strong women at the hearts of heady, exciting science-fiction stories, Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Alien hero looms as large as ever.