The Good Diseases

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  • Young, brash, literary. Hardcore band Perfect Pussy reveal their influences. Starts 02:05
  • What makes a city, happy? Hazlitt editor-in-chief Christopher Frey speaks with award-winning journalist Charles Montgomery about urban design. Starts 13:57
  • Novelist Gary Shteyngart drops by the Hazlitt Studio to talk with Naomi Skwarna about his new memoir, Little Failure. Starts 21:17

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Show Notes:
Perfect Pussy “I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling”
Unintelligible Empanada Truck

Hosted and produced by Anshuman Iddamsetty
Executive produced by Christopher Frey
Original theme music by Kirby Best
Podcast logo by Michael DeForge

Additional Sound Effects courtesy of Freesound:
Davidmgarcia “Trayecto nocturno en taxi”
thegoose09 “Helicopter 1”

Additional Music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
The Custodian of Records “Philly Guts”
Gangi “Proton Beat”
C. Scott “Steak Fingers”
C. Scott “Enjoyable to Know”
C. Scott “Belview”
Origamibiro “Dusk & Umber (ISAN Remix)
Kwaku Addae and his Band “Ogyama Abere”
Bleak House “Praise Book”
Ergo Phizmiz “Simian Skylights March”
Emerge “Innervate”
The Custodian of Records “Goodwill”
Marco Raaphorst “Champagne”
owlface “goose woman”


Original theme music by Kirby Best

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