Nathan Hill in Conversation with John Irving

 The authors discuss Hill’s debut work, his love of dysfunction, and why you need to think about writing a novel the way you think about keeping a garden. 

‘At First You Don’t Want Death to Mean Anything’: An Interview with Kristopher Jansma

The author of Why We Came to the City on losing someone to cancer too young, and how New York reminds everyone they’re not special. 

‘I’m Happy When I’m Inside a Book and I’m Not When I’m Not’: An Interview with Jonathan Safran Foer

Talking with the author of Here I Am about different notions of home, the downsides of television development, and whether or not he’ll ever write another book.

‘He’s Going to Go to His Island to Scream’: An Interview with Kevin Barry

Talking with the author of Beatlebone about fictionalizing the life of John Lennon, the hard time Kate Bush gets in the book, and why rock novels are almost always disasters.

‘We Can Only Do Our Poetry Because We Are Also Fighting Back’: An Interview with China Miéville

Talking to the author of The Last Days of New Paris about applying a video game sensibility to fiction, redeeming and finding inspiration in the politics of the Surrealists, and when to add demons.

‘There Has To Be Less School’: An Interview with Nicholson Baker

Talking with the author of Substitute about an educational system at odds with learning, seduced by technology, and ripe for reform; the vanishing awe of teachers; and the madness that is lunchtime.

‘If You Don’t Have Hope, Then Why Go On?’: An Interview with Colson Whitehead

Talking with the author of The Underground Railroad about knowing when the time is right to write a book, schools skipping over slavery, and why Sonic Youth made his acknowledgments page.

‘What a Wreck the Country Was Back Then’: An Interview with Jeffrey Toobin

The author of American Heiress on the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, San Francisco in the ’70s, and why we’re fascinated by decades-old trials. 

‘He Couldn’t Believe I Flew All the Way to Djibouti to Talk About Diarrhea’: An Interview With Mary Roach

In her new book, Grunt, Roach points her flashlight to the lengths we’ll go—and have yet to go—to keep people alive.