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Your Los Angeles Review of Books longreads lesson in realness for the day: “A drag queen has to be unique, just like everyone else. But backwards and in heels.”

Apparently the rumours about the Globe and Mail flat out cutting its books section, stemming from tweets reacting to this story in NOW, were false. It’s not being shuttered, just… restructured? Maybe it’s a good thing disguised as a bummer of a thing. Based on editor-in-chief John Stackhouse’s corrective letter to book publishers, it looks like there’s an opening for a new literary editor at the Globe.

Yes, you too can smell like some dead writer. Perhaps Louisa May Alcott? (“Fir tree, red currant, blood orange, coffee beans.”)

One of my favourite magazine-affiliated tumblr blogs, The Believer Logger, ran an interview with one of my favourite poets, Michael Robbins, where he talks about faith and certainty and poetry and sound. You might get one or two new favourite things out of it.


Vine as Human Oscilloscope and Why it Will Be a Big Deal
Now that everyone is talking about Vine, the hot new app that lets you share six second video clips, the main question I have is this: what exactly took so long? Like one’s first few hesitant hours with Twitter, using Vine elicits an initial “why on earth would anyone want this?” that quickly gives way to a feeling it was simply inevitable. Here we have the audio-visual equivalent of the tweet. It sounds like nothing, but make no mistake: Vine will be a big deal.


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Housing and the Personal Bubble
Reading Dione Brand’s 2001 memoir-travelogue A Map to the Door of No Return gives pause for reflection on being a neighbour in the city.