Physics, Film of Pi & Half-Price Nachos

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I don’t really understand why people are calling Yann Martel’s Life of Pie unfilmable. I figure that if Hollywood could make The English Patient, The Long Goodbye, and Cloud Atlas, then they’d be able to make movies out of basically any novel. That said, Martel seems pretty pleased with the film Ang Lee made out of his breakout Booker prize winning novel.

A hat tip is in order to Millions curiosity wrangler Rhian Sasseenfor calling my attention to this gem: Some notes on copy editing the latest issue of Granta, including “Does ‘shithole’ have a hyphen in it?” On the topic of persnickety, detail oriented reading, Steven W. Beattie responds to Yuka Igarashi’s Granta editing woes and worries about reading for pleasure: “The copy editor in me will still get his back up, but I’m working on it. ‘Half-price nacho’s,’ on the other hand, is indefensible.”

Should the Higgs Boson be the TIME person of the year? “Person” here being, obviously, a relative term. Also, when did physics get so dang popular?


Reanimated Ayn Rand, Reanimated Baffler
When The Baffler launched its third issue at Housing Works last night, it was not content to have an ordinary party. The evening’s conceit was that we had been transported to the year 2112, where the libertarians ruled, and Ayn Rand had been reanimated—though the resurrection was still in progress, you might say. (The young woman playing Rand gamely drooled on her own lapel all night and moved only stiffly, her Russian accent waxing and waning all the while.) Then two contestants on a “game show” were quizzed, essentially, on their knowledge of Western literature—as seen by Rand, who described, for example, Lord of the Flies as a book she “wished was autobiographical.”


Cheese Sandwiches and Other Tidbits of the Self
Memory, for better and for worse, is like a highlight reel. That torrid first kiss in the silence of a bitterly cold winter night is likely burned forever into my brain. Last week’s cheese sandwich? Not so much.