One Nation Under Kale

By Hazlitt

The Fifty Shades of Grey traileris technically SFW but, I mean, you’re probably going to have some NSFW feelings about it.

American TV casts may be looking more diverse these days, but their writers are as white and male as ever.

“The last sketchbook he showed me was titled The Best Way to Smoke Crack. (Once, when asked by an interviewer if he had ever smoked crack, Vollmann memorably responded, ‘I guess that I would say that I have.’)” Tom Bissell hangs out with William T. Vollmann in Sacramento.

Now seems like a good time to be nostalgic about the music of last week.

This is where your fish comes from.

What do Debbie Reynolds and Slate’s advice columnist have in common? This, apparently.

“Slowly but surely, the kale salad will make its way to the TGI Friday’s menu, then McDonald’s, Kraft, and, eventually, as a Doritos flavor.” Over at Vox, David Sax talks to the tastemakers.

How to be productive in Hell.


Stephen Harper’s Conservatives’ “advocacy chill” audit of PEN Canada may just come back to haunt them.

Iceage sounds a little like The Pogues now. Okay!


|| Illustration by Lola Landekic
Where It Is I Come to Pray
From the ongoing series Tabloid Fiction—in which an author chooses from the trashiest, most lurid, or just bizarre stories of the moment and writes a short story inspired by same.


Would You Like to See the Body?
The bodies of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 began arriving at Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands yesterday—40 simple wooden coffins unloaded from military transport planes while a single bugle played on the tarmac. The ceremony marked the end of a trip that had been, to that point, significantly less dignified. Shot out of the sky, the bodies had been left for days in a Ukrainian wheat field while the sun beat down and untrained volunteers, townspeople, and coal miners picked through their belongings. They’d been squabbled over by rebels, packed into black plastic bags, stacked onto refrigerated trains that gave off the powerful stench of decomposition. For the relatives of the passengers, the delay has been excruciating. “If I have to wait five months for identification, I can do it,” said Silene Fredriksz-Hoogzand , the mother of one of the victims. “Waiting while the bodies were in the field and in the train was a nightmare.”