Bad Sex, Ke$ha the Feminist Icon, and Crossword #ProTips

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How Will Shortz, the NYT’s puzzle master, makes the paper’s crossword.

That unbearable anticipation ends now: Ke$ha’s memoir is finally here. Nashville Scene rounded up the ten best lines from My Crazy Beautiful Life, including, “The Galápagos seemed like a place trapped in prehistoric time, and y’all know I love that shit.” Also, her freewheelin’, high flyin’ spirit might just be what Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer, et al were talking about—or so says The Atlantic, in yet another hastily written miniature “think piece meant to get those indignant feminist click-throughs.

Now that Roth’s out of the novel game, who will take up the mantle of Jewish American Literature? This piece in the Observer is great, offering an appreciation for how the man (whether you dig his work or don’t) really did change the game, and wondering if Nathan Englander and Sheila Heti are stepping onto a path that he opened.

The bad sex scene awards are just around the corner, and it looks like Tom Wolfe is already shaping up to be an early favorite for the lascivious prize.


Culture and Corporal Punishment
Physical punishment is more acceptable in some cultures than others, and this acceptability helps determine how children make sense of being hit. Being hit, however, still carries some weight.


A Government-Run Twitter
Twitter, that vital online cacophony, is poised for a radical change. While for years it’s been home to 140-character snippets of wisdom, inanity, links, and jokes, a recent glimpse into its next version reveals the service is set to move from its text-based roots toward a media stream of images, videos, and articles. RIP the type-heavy tweetstream. You might say this new tack, while unfortunate, arises from the inevitable need to monetize. But I suggest it demands another response entirely: For the good of both the internet and society, it’s time for a government-run Twitter. This probably requires something in the way of an explanation.