Perpetual Dissatisfaction

Episode #28 from The Arcade

This Week…

Broadcasters are shrinking, beloved magazines are closing down, and job security LOL. 

This got journalist and Hazlitt contributor Anupa Mistry thinking: What if there was a space for freelancers and creative professionals to come together and figure out Canada’s apocalyptic media landscape? 

On a special edition of The Arcade, we attend #HUSTLEHARD: Literary Works, the first of a limited-run series of events hosted by Anupa and held at The Drake Hotel’s Sky Yard, and try to make sense of the never-ending hustle. 

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Show Notes:
CBC Cuts & Strategy Announcement (YouTube Link)
The Grid weekly magazine is closing

Oh, and the fateful tweet…

#HUSTLEHARD: Literary Works

Anupa Mistry
Anupa’s personal site

Kelli Korducki

Nicholas Hune-Brown

Isabel Slone

Navneet Alang

Emily M. Keeler

Holly MacKenzie

Vivek Shraya

Jaime Woo

Denise Balkisoon
The Ethnic Aisle

Haley Mlotek
Worn Fashion Journal

Megan Griffith-Greene

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Original theme music by Kirby Best