Featuring Sean Michaels

Episode #26 from The Arcade

This week…

Love, delusion, and the theremin prodigy. Hazlitt assistant editor Scaachi Koul speaks with Sean Michaels, author of the alt-historical thriller, Us Conductors.

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Show Notes:
Said the Gramophone

Peter Pringle performs Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie” (YouTube)
Peter Pringle’s Website

Clara Rockmore performs Saint-Saëns’ “The Swan” (YouTube)
Clara Rockmore performs Wieniawski’s “Romance” (YouTube)

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Mr. Fab and His Bag of Heads “Thereming”

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Efim Schachmeister “Steamboat Stomp”
Hottentots “Nobody’s Rose”
Unknown “Positively Absolutely”
Mike Markel Orch “We Two”

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RutgerMuller “Electric Noises and Glitches”


Original theme music by Kirby Best