The Parents of #Gamergate and the Validity of Raving Lunacy


J. Crew is obsolete. Drunk J. Crew is the apex of shopping. 

Unbelievable asshole doesn’t feel too bad about being an asshole

No one should be embarrassed for knowing “A Thousand Miles” by heart. No one.

Bobbyyyyyy, alriiiiiight! 

The sad parents of #Gamergate

Journalist Alfredo Corchado speaks to NPR about his book Midnight in Mexico, a document of the horrific toll of the drug war, and the music that kept him going while he wrote it.

“I think raving is valid. The other night I watched all these Charlie Rose interviews with Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst and David Foster Wallace…and the last one was with Charles Manson. And Manson made so much fucking more sense… Insane language has the power to build things that don’t exist in reality. It ends up leading to horrible events, but I do think there’s something transcendent that can happen with language, and it can be in the mouth of a maniac.” The Believer talks to Blake Butler about his new novel, 300,000,000.

Whoa hey, there’s a new Mark Lanegan album! Listen to the new Mark Lanegan album.

“As serial collectors of media fuck-ups, we add this self-portrait to the gallery.” Deadspin regrets the error.


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