The Flat Nuts and Big Asses of Black Friday

This year, one death and at least 15 injuries were reported across America as shoppers trampled over, slapped, and head-butted each other to score sweet Black Friday deals. So, what did you, the people of the Internet, make of all this retail chaos?

Rise Up Against Batkid’s Tyrannical Liberalism

Last Friday, thousands of San Francisco residents took to the streets to help a five-year-old leukemia survivor realize his wish to be Batman for a day. During the day, “Batkid” foiled a mock bank robbery, captured The Joker, rescued a damsel in distress and apprehended The Penguin. Online reaction to the story was overwhelmingly positive—but not everyone was buying what Batkid was selling. 

Last week, the United States killed Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone strike. America’s continued use of drone strikes raises a lot of big questions, like: does killing terrorists this way inadvertently create more terrorists? And, isn’t all of it, you know, illegal? Huffington Post commenter ftuna2u2 addressed the strike and its consequences, posting:


Last week, in an interview that all of your friends posted on Facebook, British comedian Russell Brand declared he’d never voted, he hated capitalism, and that a revolution would soon sweep inequality away and leave a socialist egalitarian society in its wake. Heavy stuff! So, what did you think?

Are All of Dick Cheney’s Problems Tobacco-Related?

During a recent interview with 60 Minutes, former U.S. Vice President and torture enthusiast Dick Cheney revealed that he once feared that terrorists could use the defibrillator that had been implanted near his heart to kill him and had his doctor disable its wireless function. Sounds reasonable to me. But many Netizens weren’t so happy to hear from old Dick.

Last Friday, Malala Yousafzai, the remarkable Pakastani teenager who was nearly assassinated by the Taliban for speaking out for girls’ education, met with President Obama. During the meeting Malala asked Obama to stop drone attacks on Pakistan, arguing that education, not bombs, would end terrorism. So, what did you have to say about it?

What, is Obama Too Good to Work at the Airport?

The Best Online Comments on the Stories That Matter, Selected and Annotated by Michael A. Balazo.

Restore Our Anthem
My favorite song has always been “O Canada.” It’s got a wicked beat, a funky bass line, and its lyrics have always made me feel proud to be a son. But now, a group of prominent Canadian women including Sarah McLachlan, Margaret Atwood, and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell have gone public with the Restore Our Anthem campaign, which seeks to make the national anthem gender-neutral by changing the line “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.” Is this a reasonable request for inclusivity, or an attempt by a vicious girl gang to clip the Great White Balls off that proud symbol of Canadian masculinity, the Beaver? Let’s see what you had to say.

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