I’m In Love With That Song: Our Favorites From The Replacements

The Replacements are a really, really great band: Hazlitt contributors investigate.

Saul Bellow’s Last Interview

The story behind the last known interview with the author of Herzog, Ravelstein, and The Adventures of Augie March, with exclusive video.

From "Leaves of Grass" by Geoffrey Farmer
‘Art Can Be A Story-Starter’: Eliza Robertson and Lee Henderson in Conversation

The authors discuss the influence of visual art in their writing, working to rap music, and the hypnotic smell of oil paints.

Ira Glass on David Rakoff

This American Life host Ira Glass remembers his friend David Rakoff, and shares his personal iPhone footage of David recording the audio book of his posthumously published Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish.

Carl Honoré on the Slow Fix

The author of The Slow Fix talks about the impact of the 2007-2008 financial crisis on the way we think about work, money, and what we want out of life.

Pagelicker 5.0: Andrew Kaufman

The author of Born Weird on how families both make you and mess you up.

Pagelicker 4.2: Roddy Doyle on What It Means To Be Irish

During a recent visit to Toronto, Roddy Doyle spoke with Pagelicker host Robert Dayton about John Ford’s film The Quiet Man, “stage paddyism”, and what it means to be Irish today.

Pagelicker 4.1: Roddy Doyle on Paula Spencer and Writing from a Woman’s Perspective

In the second part of their chat over a pint of milk, host Robert Dayton asks Roddy Doyle about writing women characters and the protagonist of The Woman Who Walked Into Doors.

Pagelicker 4.0: Roddy Doyle on Two Pints

Host Robert Dayton sits down for a pint of milk with Roddy Doyle.

Pagelicker 03: Miriam Toews

Host Robert Dayton invites Miriam Toews into his garden for a chat about escaping small towns, road trips and losing faith. Then Robert brings up one slice of Canadiana Miriam would rather forget.