The Year in Sports At the End of the World

Fandom allows us to locate some much-needed normalcy without ever accepting the current state of things as normal. 

The Art of the Box Score

It’s hard to enjoy baseball if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And the box score teaches you how to do just that.

New Ballgame

Pitch is a feminist-minded mainstream show about the slow, meandering game of baseball. There’s a great deal riding on it, and a great deal working against it.

Which Foot Do You Kick With?

For me and everyone else, football in Belfast is coded, but this year, I felt comfortable cheering for both Irish teams. The politics of Brexit, however, has no room for between-ness. 

The Canadian Who Faced Down Ali

George Chuvalo lost both of his fights with Muhammad Ali, but went the distance in each match—just a few of the times, in boxing as in life, he was pushed to the brink.

Guilt Upon the Body

The Hillsborough Disaster and the inquest into it were about lying cops. After 27 years, the right words are finally being used to talk about the dead.

The Newspaper Didn’t Love Me Back

I felt, at once, embarrassed to be laid off, sad about the ending of something great in my life, bitter about what was happening, and completely bewildered as to what I was supposed to do next.

The Tallest Man on Turf

On levels of fandom, the limits of myth in sports, and why someone would draw 185 portraits of Randy Johnson with no intention of ever selling them.

‘There’s Not One Story That Defines Any One Place’: An Interview with Amber Fares

The director of Speed Sisters, a documentary about female race car drivers in Palestine, on media portrayal of the Arab world, working with an all-female crew, and sports narratives. 

The Year in Coming Close

The month that Blue Jays pitchers and catchers reported to spring training marked the first anniversary of my husband and I trying to have a baby.