Cavern is Taking the Week Off
We’re taking the week off to chase guests and record interviews. See you in two weeks!
Featuring Cheryl Strayed
The business of making your book a film (5:36), when adaptations aren’t (14:40), and why we need stories (24:45).
Kyrell Grant Returns
Lemonade and intergenerational trauma (1:41), building a life in Drake’s jacket (14:04), and the saddest Reddit relationship post (22:36)
Featuring Carmen Aguirre
Performing within the Chilean resistance (6:32), the pull of revolutionary love (19:53), and extremely fascist great aunts (31:52).
Featuring Monica Heisey
The sweet adult baby life (6:04), a gentle disagreement with Amy Schumer (11:19), beards as the great dude leveller (21:07), and the problem of the Inappropriate Literary Man.
Featuring Leanne Shapton
Putting a face to jealousy (5:47), the usefulness of boob shelves (16:12), and what happens between ages 0 to 3 (30:44).
Featuring Jillian Tamaki
The curse of absolute freedom, Toronto vs. New York, and not relying on your parents for financial advice.
Featuring Kyrell Grant
On thigh gaps, thirst, and Kanye’s masculinity.
Featuring Denise Balkissoon
On sexist chefs and reporting on race in Toronto.
Featuring Carrie Brownstein
On fandom, tweeting the pope, and the collective fatigue of the U.S. electoral process. Also turtles.