Featuring Kyrell Grant
The O.C. at the height of its O.C.-ness (7:00), is this bolognese feminist? (19:00), and where were you when A Seat at the Table dropped? (39:38)
Featuring Dawn Whitwell
Flossing to live (7:27), shining in a shiny room (21:44), and the blessed life of a comedy writer (33:52).
Featuring Namugenyi Kiwanuka
Embracing your accents (9:12), little voices yelling things (14:25), and the high cost of telling your story (17:47).
Featuring Lauren McKeon
Branding yourself a feminist (06:37), defining care and ability (12:01), and pouring one out for Sum 41 (22:30)
Featuring Cindy Li
Terrible Calvin Klein ads (12:23), building safer raves (32:07) and how to get into Berghain (40:41)
Featuring Anupa Mistry
Does anyone need an MBA? (10:48) knowing what you want in your 30s (15:41) and slamming some kombucha and sinking into the ocean (34:02).
Featuring Eternity Martis
Living off of peanut butter and stale crackers (8:14), preserving Black history in Canada (13:47), and how we save our abolitionist museums (30:55)
Featuring Mya Taylor
A five on beauty (10:56), singing Deborah Cox (20:21), and why North Dakota is better than L.A. (27:30)
Featuring Yaa Gyasi
The public life of a book (6:40), the song of a lapsed Christian (21:57), and not getting salty about your partner’s edits (30:10).
Cavern is Taking the Week Off
We’re taking the week off to chase guests and record interviews. See you in two weeks!