Prince Rogers Nelson was the blueprint for a certain kind of Black femmeness. In the interstitial spaces of my life, he has kept me company.
I felt, at once, embarrassed to be laid off, sad about the ending of something great in my life, bitter about what was happening, and completely bewildered as to what I was supposed to do next.
The sculptor searches through old notebooks and observes the cyclical nature of ideas.
In the face of violent opposition, an ethnic minority fights for equality. But has the government found a way to profit from their protest?
Lines of inheritance and anxiety of influence at the Existentialist Café.
When Prince died, I found myself instantly transported back to that day in 1984 when I realized just how big music could be, how much it could contain.
The director takes the optimism of youth—the idea that a better world is right around the corner—as seriously as his young characters deserve.
The man who developed Dothraki and Valyrian on conjuring culture with words.
A blazer is for sex. Or politics. Or both.
The terroir of sound, timbre’s role has always been underrated, or even ignored, because it’s so intangible.
My fair-play attitude towards enjoying any genre of film has one notable exception.
Reading her work is the most pressing unfinished business of my career as a writer, yet I’ve avoided it for fear that witnessing its brilliance would reflect back my inferiority.
The author of The Naturalist on boating the Amazon, the freedom to follow instincts and killing things to look at them more closely.
The author of The End of Protest on the pollution of the mental environment, giving up on nationalism, and finding reasons for optimism.
On levels of fandom, the limits of myth in sports, and why someone would draw 185 portraits of Randy Johnson with no intention of ever selling them.
An act that rarely involves blowing and only occasional labor, “blow job” sounds like something created by a thirsty Marxist, a guy as alienated from his own pleasure as he is from his work.
Flirting with crime, pushed toward activism, ensconced in ennui: here are three sketches from Berlin, where tens of thousands of asylum-seekers have brought just as many stories with them.
Phife never presented himself as a celebrity. He was always a hard-working, fun-loving guy whose success was never as important as letting us know how dope he was.
Our preconceived notions about sexual assault have far-reaching, dangerous consequences.
The rapper’s streetwise edge and unpretentious manner rooted A Tribe Called Quest to their home in Jamaica, Queens.