How to Keep Running

Sometimes you wind up in situations you never imagined you’d be in, and you do what you have to to get out.

Our Final Constellation

How can we live without learning how to die?

Watch Me Bathe

How can something as trivial as one’s hygiene rituals have such an impact on how happy or successful others perceive you to be?

Perfect Information Game

Chess devoured my life, until I was sweating in a suit at the Bangkok Chess Tournament feeling myself slip into the void. 

Dialogue with Francesca Woodman

The well person has the job of translating the images that the sick person has left behind as evidence.

Rhythms of Fear

Women instinctively read the danger written upon the city. 

Climbing Mount Sontag

Reading her work is the most pressing unfinished business of my career as a writer, yet I’ve avoided it for fear that witnessing its brilliance would reflect back my inferiority.

A Century of Fakers

Searching for the ease that comes with unspeakable wealth, from counterfeit markets in Bangkok to money at the bottom of a barrel.

Why Them?

The fine line between a body at war and a body at peace.

Didelphis Nuncius

“You want Enlightenment? Well, here. It’s not exactly what you thought.”