The Goddess Complex

Growing up with the goddess figure as part of my South Asian tradition means I have a complicated relationship with repurposing the term as a symbol of female empowerment. 

Stitching Motherhood

It is an intimate coupling of female narrative in imperfect lines, a female mastery of storytelling through textile.

We Are Always Defined From a Distance

I wonder if my grandfather knew the helicopters he helped to perfect would one day be used to surveil and oppress Black and Brown bodies. 

The Snarling Girl

Notes on—and against—ambition.

Behind the Closed Door: Remembering Edward Albee

Notes on two afternoons with the playwright who gave us Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Zoo Story.

Brave Dispatches

My response to sexual abuse and trauma had made people wonder. But the same response in the Ghomeshi complainants made people condemn.

The Great Secret Creator

On Ellen Seligman’s editing alchemy.

How to Keep Running

Sometimes you wind up in situations you never imagined you’d be in, and you do what you have to to get out.

Our Final Constellation

How can we live without learning how to die?

Watch Me Bathe

How can something as trivial as one’s hygiene rituals have such an impact on how happy or successful others perceive you to be?