Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is Glad Canadian Governments Are Corrupt Too

By Hazlitt


Americanah author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Rob Ford’s drug allegations, and how great it is to ask Canadians about their corrupt governments.

“I am very excited. Can I just say, do you know how wonderful it is to be a Nigerian who is so used to being asked about the corrupt governments in your country, and then I come to Canada, and what do I hear? The mayor has been smoking crack with his drug dealers. And then somebody in the prime minister’s government signed a cheque illegally. I’m just like, Yes, I love that.’ Because now I can ask Canadians, ‘So tell me about the corruption in your government.’ I heard about it yesterday and I just thought it was surreal. I think even more amusing is the video, and now the two men who made the video have disappeared and there is crowdfunding to pay them. So now I’m thinking; they disappeared, so are they still alive? Have they been coated in cement and dumped in the sea? The mayor of the main city in Canada. What?! I think it’s fantastic so I’m going to spend a lot of time on the internet reading up.”

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The (News) Cycle of Addiction
Addicts simply can’t be trusted. That’s why, as a resident of the city in which Rob Ford is mayor, I’ve been incessantly clicking refresh on Twitter to find out the latest news. My finger is getting sore. I keep my tablet at the kitchen table in case any more information comes out while I’m wolfing down a bowl of cereal (need to get back to the computer, you see). When I leave home, I’m staring at my smartphone, desperately searching for the newest scrap about Ford. But can you blame me? If the leader of my city is an addict, he is also unfit to lead, and I must know if that’s true. So I keep checking the web, over and over and over.


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